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01:52 Dashcam video shows cop telling white woman not to fear because ‘we only kill black people’


08:48 Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley returns to US


23:15 ‘We’ll see’: Donald Trump signals possible attack on North Korea over latest nuclear test


06:16 Pictures reveal a North Korean army totally unprepared for war


05:25 Catalans under direct control of Madrid as Spain's PM seeks to quash secession


10:37 Prosecutors seek jail for eight members of deposed Catalan government


09:27 New York attack: Uzbekistan president offers to help US with suspect


10:49 Fiji security guards headed for Manus as tensions mount over centre's closure



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  • 'Patterns of radicalisation': Uzbekistan's history with terrorism and the US

    2 November 2017 6:37 AM 40

    Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old "radicalised" Uzbek man, was behind the wheel of the truck which killed eight people in Manhattan on October 31. But the revelation about his country of origin led social media users to question why US President Donald Trump hadn't included Uzbekistan on his travel ban list. The attack is the fourth major fatal incident

  • Osama bin Laden’s personal, handwritten diary reveals more about September 11, 2001 attacks

    2 November 2017 5:36 AM 25

    AMONG the CIA’s stash of documents recovered from Osama bin Laden’s compound was his personal diary. A first look at what’s inside. The CIA’s release of a vast archive of documents belonging to Osama bin Laden — seized during the raid of his Pakistani compound in May 2011 when he was shot dead by US special forces — has provided a deeper understanding

  • Walmart shooting in Thornton Colorado

    2 November 2017 4:07 AM 38

    THREE people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart store in the US. The suspect remains at large. According to authorities, two men and a woman were killed in the incident that happened in Thornton around 6.30pm local time, 11.30am AEDT. Reports of multiple gunshots were made before police arrived on the scene at 9900 Grant St, where the Walmart

  • The people who just won’t leave

    2 November 2017 2:32 AM 39

    RUSSELL Crowe is not a happy man. He’s blown up over what he’s calling Australia’s “shame” and a national “disgrace”. The actor tweeted: “Manus. A Nations shame. Lives held in limbo . Lives lived in fear & despair . It’s f***ing disgraceful.” When a Twitter user challenged him, he replied, “Maybe you could put them up somewhere if you’re so ashamed

  • Osama bin Laden's hard drive files: Computer held home movies, propaganda and video games

    2 November 2017 12:50 AM 7

    Former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had videos on how to crochet flowers, pirated Nintendo games, Hollywood films, and the documentary Where in the World is Osama bin Laden on a computer seized during the deadly 2011 raid on his compound. Copyrighted material, pornography, malware and material deemed sensitive to national security has been withheld

  • British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon forced to resign in the wake of sex harassment claims

    1 November 2017 9:49 PM 14

    ONE of Britain’s most senior ministers has been forced to resign in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal — and a ‘sex pest dossier’ that threatens to claim more political scalps. The senior politician admitted his “previous conduct” had “fallen below the high standards” expected of him after he was accused of bad behaviour. Yesterday, The Sun newspaper

  • NYC truck attack: Suspect planned attack for weeks

    1 November 2017 9:33 PM 48

    THE FBI is on the hunt for another man in connection with the New York bike-path terrorist attack, as suspect Sayfullo Saipov is charged. The news comes as US prosecutors have filed federal terrorism charges against 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, one day after he was arrested for a New York attack that killed eight people. Prosecutors released

  • New Facebook Data Shows Russians Targeted Users by Race, Religion, Politics

    1 November 2017 7:43 PM 10

    Data was released by lawmakers as part of a probe into Russian interference in U.S. presidential election Russian operatives targeted users on Facebook Inc. by race, political preference, religion and interests such as gun ownership, according to advertising data released by lawmakers on Wednesday as part of congressional investigations into Russian

  • North Korea nuclear base: Radiation leak fears after collapse

    1 November 2017 1:42 PM 47

    A TUNNEL collapse at North Korea’s key nuclear testing site has sparked renewed fears of a major radiation leak and environmental disaster. It is understood about 100 workers at the Punggye-ri nuclear site were killed in the collapse which took place around September 10 and followed Pyongyang’s sixth atomic test earlier that month, Japanese broadcaster

  • New York attack: Uzbekistan president offers to help US with suspect

    1 November 2017 9:27 AM 48

    The Uzebkistan president on Wednesday offered to help US authorities in the investigation into the truck driver suspect, who is reportedly a Uzbek national, of the fatal New York truck attack. "Uzbekistan is ready to use all forces and resources to help in the investigation of this act of terror," President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said, offering condolences