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  • Footage reveals sea eagle stole camera near crocodile meat trap in remote Kimberly

    2 December 2013 4:51 AM 48

    A sea eagle has recorded unusual footage of WA's remote Kimberley after stealing a video camera and taking it on a 100 kilometre journey. Aboriginal rangers had set up the motion-sensor camera at a gorge on the Margaret River in May, to try and capture images of fresh-water crocodiles. Gooniyandi ranger Roneil Skeen says the camera disappeared not long afterwards

  • Endangered green sea turtles make a comeback in Florida

    30 November 2013 12:58 AM 64

    MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. -- When Chris Long thinks back on a summer spent digging up holes in the beach, it's a job he says he "wouldn't trade ... for anything." The 26-year-old University of Central Florida Ph.D. candidate spent months looking for green turtle nests, studying the comeback of a species that -- at one time -- came dangerously close to extinction

  • Creating High-Resolution Maps Of The Great Barrier Reef

    29 November 2013 8:06 PM 71

    The remote and unique nature of much of the Great Barrier Reef has long prevented the creation of comprehensive maps of this unique undersea ecosystem. Using satellite data, researchers from James Cook University in Australia and the German company EOMAP recently generated a series of high-resolution 3D maps of the Great Barrier Reef. The researchers

  • Tiny fish gives big evolutionary insight

    29 November 2013 10:44 AM 47

    The defence secrets of a tiny, leaping, amphibious fish, unveiled by NSW scientists, may give an insight into how life survived the transition from aquatic to terrestrial habitats. The Pacific leaping Blenny grows to only eight centimetres and spends its time leaping from rock to rock, defending territory and feeding on the tropical island of Guam. Dr Terry

  • Murray cod season re-opens in NSW

    29 November 2013 3:33 AM 50

    SUNDAY December 1 marks the re-opening of the Murray cod season, following the annual three-month breeding closure. "A three month ban on taking or attempting to take Murray cod is in place each year from September to November inclusive to protect this important native species during its breeding season,” said NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

  • How to watch a Bose–Einstein condensate for a very long time

    28 November 2013 3:36 PM 63

    A new way of making measurements on Bose–Einstein condensates (BECs) has been proposed by physicists in the UK and Australia. Calculations made by the team suggest that the technique could allow researchers to monitor BECs over much longer timescales than the several seconds possible today. If successfully implemented in the lab, the process could increase

  • NASA captures Comet ISON speeding toward the sun

    27 November 2013 5:43 PM 48

    New images from NASA show Comet ISON moving past Mercury and Earth toward the sun. The comet should be visible from Earth on Thanksgiving Day, as it will come within 730,000 miles of the surface of the sun, its closest approach to the solar surface. If it survives that trip without breaking up, it will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere to the naked

  • Reef fish find it too hot to swim

    27 November 2013 6:48 AM 45

    Updated: 17:47, Wednesday November 27, 2013 With concerns that humans are turning into couch potatoes, it seems our fishy friends may be in the same boat. A study has found large reef fish are becoming more lethargic as oceans warm up. James Cook University researcher Dr Jacob Johansen says the fish are spending more time resting at the sea bottom and less time swimming

  • Sea Shepherd, whalers ready for clashes

    27 November 2013 6:36 AM 50

    The two groups were involved in dangerous collisions during the past whaling season, each blaming the other for ramming. One serious incident was caught on video, with both sides releasing footage of a collision. Japan's fleet is yet to depart for the annual hunt, which it says is legal under a scientific provision of the international whaling convention

  • Black silicon could germ-proof the world – study

    26 November 2013 8:21 PM 53

    Nanometer high spikes on a material called black silicon, which are similar to those on dragonflies’ wings, cut bacteria to ribbons, paving the way for hospitals and other public places where pesky microbes lurk to be made germ-free. The study, published on Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, outlined how scientists in Australia first learned