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22:16 This 3,700-Year-Old Babylonian Clay Tablet Just Changed The History of Maths



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  • Icy Observatory Detects Neutrinos From Outside Our Solar System

    21 November 2013 7:08 PM 38

    An international team of scientists reported on Thursday that over a two-year period they had detected 28 of these particles, known as neutrinos, that arrived from outside the solar system and possibly from across the universe. “This gives us a new way to do astronomy,” said Francis Halzen, a physics professor at the University of Wisconsin who is the principal

  • 132 countries walk out of UN climate talks

    21 November 2013 1:11 PM 49

    Disagreement over compensation for extreme climate events tore a rift between rich and poor nations The G77 and China group coordinated the walkout after rich nations, including the U.S. the EU and Australia, refused to debate the issue until 2015. Australia, in particular, was accused of not taking the talks seriously: According to a spokeswoman for Climate

  • Researchers Waiting to Catch Coral Spawn off Townsville

    21 November 2013 10:52 AM 38

    Researchers are waiting to catch spawn of coral from 10 different species off Townsville in north Queensland. Spawning occurs once in a year. However, scientists are not sure about the night when this is going to take place. Dr. Sylvain Foret from the Australian National University is making efforts to detain some of it for research purpose. She said, "You know roughly

  • Werribee Zoo welcomes welcomes baby hippo

    21 November 2013 3:38 AM 34

    Staff at the Werribee Open Range Zoo have welcomed the birth of a baby hippo. The three day old calf is feeding well and thought to be around 20 to 40 kilograms. Keepers say the hippo's mother Brindabella, is very protective, and they have not been able to determine the calf's sex. General manger of Life Sciences Russel Traher says the first few weeks

  • Australia Viewed as 'Anti-Climate', Tony Abbott Refuses to Join Green Climate Fund

    21 November 2013 12:36 AM 35

    IPCC Climate Change Report: New Zealand Warned of Extreme Weather, Australia Still in Climate Denial The decision of Prime Minister Abbott to not send a minister or representative to Warsaw has frustrated climate change negotiators from all over the world. EU is reportedly angry at Australia's Coalition government for repealing the carbon tax. Australia

  • Hungry For Climate Change Action

    21 November 2013 12:06 AM 63

    He’s not on a diet, or a cleanse. The the middle-aged father of two decided spontaneously last Monday to voluntarily fast to draw attention to climate change talks happening on the other side of the world. I spoke with Foster at lunchtime on Day 8. He was “huuuuuuuungry,” he said. Foster seemed listless, quite different from the energetic activist I met a few months

  • Australia Not Taking Climate Change Seriously; G20 Climate Plans in Danger

    20 November 2013 7:24 PM 68

    Australia PM Tony Abbott Orders 12000 Public Service Jobs Freeze, CSIRO Takes Huge Hit To replace the carbon tax policy, the Coalition government is planning to push its Direct Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under this plan, Mr Abbott assured corporations that emissions will be reduced by 5 per cent and within the budget. However, most economists

  • 4.4 billion-year-old meteorite NWA 7533 is straight outta Mars

    20 November 2013 6:05 PM 53

    Similar to rocks found by Spirit rover, meteorite is a clue to early Mars. No space probe has ever returned a sample from Mars. However, we have had a few Martian rocks delivered to Earth in the form of meteorites, which were dislodged by impacts and set adrift between worlds before crashing here. While studying Mars rocks in situ would be idea, the type of equipment

  • Robot cowboys get cows moooving on the range

    20 November 2013 2:03 PM 56

    Researchers set loose a real-life electric rustler to round up livestock, and say the cows fared well with their new robotic herder. "There's something strange about that cowboy. He's awfully quiet and his eyes glow kinda peculiar like." Don't mind him. He's just the latest robotic helper to round up the livestock with a flip of the switch. Earlier this month

  • Science needs to be more dangerous (Science Alert)

    20 November 2013 12:19 PM 56

    Few would argue the world isn’t facing enormous challenges: human population growth and the associated demand for resources, mass extinctions or – perhaps the biggest of all – global climate change. We often look to science to help provide solutions. But if science is to succeed in doing so, society may need scientists to take more risks, think outside