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  • Boy finds million-year-old fossil by tripping over it

    22 July 2017 7:37 AM 83

    Ten-year-old Jude was testing out his new walkie-talkie when he tripped over what he thought was a cow skull. After talking to a local university to be looked at by a professor he learned it was something much more valuable; the bones of a 1.2 million year old Stegomastadon! A Stegomastadon is an ancient mammal - a distant relative of the elephant, which

  • Musk predicted the failure of the launch rocket, the Falcon Heavy

    20 July 2017 8:47 AM 186

    The first flight of the new heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy will be risky. The reason for the possible failure of the launch of Falcon Heavy, scheduled for 2017, Musk sees the need for synchronous operation of the 27 engines. “There’s a lot of things can go wrong,” — said the businessman. Musk also refused to use for planting in the company developed

  • When and where to see the space station over Bundy

    20 July 2017 6:32 AM 134

    With no clouds forecast for the next few days comes the chance to see the International Space Station fly over in the early evenings. From 6.04pm for six minutes, max height 69 degrees, appears 10 degrees above SW. From 6pm for one minute, max height 17 degrees, appears 17 degrees above NNW. From 5.25am for one minute, max height 15 degrees, appears

  • Buried tools and pigments tell a new history of humans in Australia for 65,000 years

    19 July 2017 8:19 PM 53

    The question of when people first arrived in Australia has been the subject of lively debate among archaeologists, and one with important consequences for the global story of human evolution. Australia is the end point of early modern human migration out of Africa, and sets the minimum age for the global dispersal of humans. This event was remarkable

  • Kakadu archaeological discovery proves First Australians arrived at least 65,000 years ago

    19 July 2017 8:19 PM 79

    NEW proof has been found showing Aboriginal people lived in Australia up to 18,000 years earlier than once thought, at the same time now-extinct species of giant animals roamed the land. A team of archaeologists have uncovered a treasure trove of evidence with global significance for the history of human evolution, confirming the colonisation of Australia

  • Hornsby Council calling on state government for return of territory

    19 July 2017 2:41 AM 87

    PROPOSAL: “We are asking the government to return our lost territory if the amalgamation does not proceed," Hornsby mayor Steve Russell said. Parramatta could lose Epping town centre, if a proposal from Hornsby Council is accepted by the state government. The prospective boundary change comes after Hornsby councillors voted to submit a proposal calling

  • NASA & Boeing launch joint probe into ‘incident’ during satellite pre-launch check

    16 July 2017 5:13 PM 88

    The incident is said to have happened during final ‘close-out’ checks on the Boeing-built Tracking Data Relay Satellite mission (TDRS-M) at Astrotech Space Operations in Titusville, Florida, on July 14. ‘Close-out’ teams carry out the final hands-on preparations before every NASA launch. The setback involved the spacecraft’s Omni S-band antenna, according

  • Daniel Tarvij sentenced to two years' jail over gun haul

    16 July 2017 6:30 AM 82

    Daniel Tarvij sentenced to two years' jail over gun haul Daniel Tarvij, then 21, was one of two men arrested after firearm squad police discovered a loaded, sawn-off .22 calibre rifle down the front of his pants when they pulled over a Holden Commodore on Crown Street. Daniel Tarvij, then 21, was one of two men arrested after firearm squad police discovered

  • South Coast mum denied meals during stay at Sydney hospital

    15 July 2017 10:16 PM 56

    “Why is it that a nursing mother of a four-week-old infant, feeding three-hourly, some 200km from home and family support is denied meals? South Nowra's Elizabeth Jarvis, Anthony McDonough and big sister Lily, 3, welcome baby Jordan Nicholas McDonough to the world, born one month early on June 12, 2017. Jordan was born weighing 2.8kgs at Shoalhaven District

  • Math 'genius' Maryam Mirzakhani dies, aged 40

    15 July 2017 5:55 PM 63

    Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian-born mathematician who was the first woman to win the coveted Fields Medal, has died in a US hospital after a battle with cancer. She was 40. Mirzakhani' friend Firouz Naderi announced her death on Saturday on Instagram, and her relatives confirmed the death to the Mehr agency in Iran. "A light was turned off today. It breaks