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  • Keep the nighttime scaries away with this glowing, dino-shaped gadget

    22 August 2017 4:11 PM 36

    Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Pets are great. Nightlights are also great. What would you get if they mated? The Dino Pet: the world’s first bioluminescent “pet.” This slightly magical, Apatosaurus-shaped object fits in the palm of your hand and gives off a soft, blue glow whenever

  • Total solar eclipse: The best photos as Moon casts swathe of US into darkness

    21 August 2017 8:12 PM 42

    Explore the best photos as the Moon casts a swathe of the US into darkness. "Twenty hours, three drivers, four adults, two six-year-old twins — it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!" "It's like nothing else you will ever see or ever do. It can be religious. It makes you feel insignificant, like you're just a speck in the whole scheme of things

  • This diagram shows what happens during a total solar eclipse

    21 August 2017 5:27 PM 232

    On August 21, around lunchtime in most cities in the United States, a total solar eclipse will pass through the country, moving from Oregon to South Carolina. During a total solar eclipse, the moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, completely blocking out the sun’s light. If you’re in the moon’s shadow today, the sky will go dark for just under

  • Video from the International Space Station reveals bubble trouble with zero gravity

    20 August 2017 8:45 AM 165

    A NASA astronaut on the International Space Station has shown everyone the messy fun to be had with a drink and a straw when you add zero-gravity into the mix. Jack Fischer, who has been on the ISS orbiting* Earth since April, posted a Twitter video of himself blowing bubbles into fruit punch. The beverage bubbles up around Fischer’s face before he bursts

  • Experience the eclipse on the Lower Cape Monday

    18 August 2017 11:25 PM 21

    The community is invited to join Cape Cod National Seashore rangers for a special eclipse program at the Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham on Monday, Aug. 21, from 1:30 to 4 p.m. The free program will begin with a live feed projection of the eclipse as it passes across the U.S. There will be children’s activities and information on what an eclipse

  • Science Week fosters exploratory minds

    18 August 2017 2:01 AM 36

    Deniliquin North Public School students learnt about the importance of sustaining our planet as part of National Science Week celebrations this week. This year’s theme, ‘Future Earth’, focuses on sustainability science and those issues which are unique to Australia and our region. Principal Megan Hunter said the week served as an opportunity for students

  • Keep your eyes peeled for whale calves

    15 August 2017 1:42 AM 91

    HUMPBACK whale calves have been sighted along the Coffs Coast as they continue their migration along the East coast. This beautiful humpback whale calf was full of energy on the weekend, putting on a performance with tail slapping, breeching and happily swimming around its mum. With a small swell and light winds, it was the perfect opportunity to spot whales

  • Cassini spacecraft set to end mission

    14 August 2017 11:05 AM 73

    The Cassini spacecraft - now just weeks away from the end of its mission - is due to begin the first of five final orbits around Saturn. Cassini will enter new territory when it goes into the final orbits starting with its pass over Saturn starting at 0222 AEST on Tuesday. It will come as close as 1,630km above Saturn's cloud tops when it executes the five passes

  • Reef deaths prompt changes to safety rules for snorkellers

    12 August 2017 11:21 PM 73

    Tourists will be compelled to disclose health issues and "at-risk'' snorkellers made to wear colour-coded equipment as part of reforms aimed at cutting deaths on the Great Barrier Reef. The State Government has launched a stronger recreational snorkelling code of practice for Queensland and will soon announce revised diving safety guidelines, The Sunday

  • Full moon and partial eclipse a treat for star gazers

    8 August 2017 6:15 AM 37

    Star gazers on the Mid North Coast have been spoilt with a full moon and partial eclipse. To the delight of star gazers, there was a full moon and partial eclipse overnight on Monday. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the sun and the moon. It began at around 3.20am with the moon at its fullest just after 4am. “During this eclipse