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  • Mysterious 'big void' in Great Pyramid revealed by cosmic rays

    2 November 2017 12:11 PM 56

    A cosmic camera that uses high-energy particles from outer space to see through stone has given us a tantalising glimpse of an undiscovered space in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The work, published in Nature today, harnessed the penetrating power of subatomic particles called muons to give the massive ancient Egyptian structure an X-ray of sorts. The images

  • Lemurs let loose on World Lemur Day at Melbourne Zoo

    29 October 2017 2:42 AM 113

    A troop of lemurs have celebrated their special day with plenty of carrots at Melbourne Zoo. Video showed the spritely black-and-white creatures leaping around their Lemur Island enclosure, and snacking on some healthy treats, at the zoo this morning. Today marks World Lemur Day, which is aimed at raising awareness for the unique species native to Madagascar

  • New study identifies mechanism bacteria use to attach to surfaces

    28 October 2017 6:39 AM 43

    Most of our knowledge of bacteria comes from the study of bacteria swimming around in liquid but there is a growing consensus that how bacteria interact physically with each other and with surfaces is crucial to understanding their behavior. A new study appearing in the journal Science sheds some light on this consensus by showing that when interacting

  • Showers forecast, but just a few meteors Beautiful birdlife

    24 October 2017 11:02 PM 51

    The Orionid meteor shower, better known as the Orionids, is the most prolific astral shower to light our evening skies and is associated with Halley’s Comet. They are called the Orionids because they appear to come from the radiant, which lies in the constellation Orion, but they can be seen over a large area of the sky. Orionids are an annual meteor

  • The internet doesn't know what to do with this terrifying moth

    24 October 2017 3:42 PM 54

    Almost 200,000 shares for just a little moth? An image and video of a strange looking insect in Indonesia has gone viral on Facebook as users react to the creature's shocking alien-like appendages. Once again reminding us that nature is as terrifying as any sci-fi novel, the bug which looks like an average moth with giant tentacles growing out of its back, is actually

  • Newly-found bus-sized asteroid will skim past our planet TODAY at half the distance between the Earth and the moon

    19 October 2017 1:19 PM 48

    Last week, asteroid 2012 TC4 made a close shave with Earth, as it soared past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above the surface. And experts have warned that a second bus-size asteroid will zoom past our planet again today at half the distance between the Earth and the moon. Asteroid 2017 TD6 will fly 119,000 miles (191,000 km) from Earth at 19:53 BST (14:53 EST) today

  • Snorkeller dies off the Great Barrier Reef’s Heron Island

    19 October 2017 5:23 AM 193

    A MAN in his 50s has died after being swept out to sea during an unsupervised snorkelling trip with his wife at Heron Island off the central Queensland coast today. In a statement, the management of Heron Island confirmed the man had been a guest. “While information is still coming to hand, it appears the male guest in his 50s embarked on an unsupervised

  • Labor could support 'joke' energy plan

    19 October 2017 12:44 AM 68

    Labor believes the Turnbull government may have created a de facto emissions intensity scheme that could lead to bipartisan support for the national energy guarantee. Despite a hostile reaction to the government's plan from the Labor states and federal leader Bill Shorten labelling it 'a joke of a policy', opposition frontbencher Tony Burke says the NEG might

  • NASA Astronaut, Photographer Terry Virts To Speak At Mesa Arts Center

    18 October 2017 10:46 PM 47

    Most of us will never actually be in space — let alone spend seven months on the International Space Station. And our only opportunity to experience the visual components is through photographs. NASA Astronaut Terry Virts has not only done two stints on the space station. He’s also an accomplished photographer. Tonight at 7:30 at the Mesa Arts Center

  • Aussie Scientists And Experts React To Today's Massive Gravitational Wave Discovery

    16 October 2017 9:41 PM 51

    Overnight, scientists announced a significant discovery: the first detection of gravitational waves during a pair of neutron stars colliding and forming a black hole. This opens up a huge swathe of new research in astronomy, and Australian scientists -- including those that took part in the event -- are understandably excited. "This was the first time that any cosmic