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03:00 “#Heatwave is nothing short of horrifying” says climate scientist reports @takvera


21:58 Fears for Ryan Teasdale, 11, missing in flood waters


01:24 Rockhampton floods: City braces for the worst


21:33 Body found in desperate search for missing boy


03:21 Google Maps & local utilities team up to fight methane leaks


07:02 'Zero recovery' for corals in back-to-back Great Barrier Reef bleaching


18:57 NASA announces one of Saturn’s moons could support alien life in our solar system


02:28 'In it together': Turnbull applauds resilience of flood-affected communities



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  • Two-man crew reaches space station

    21 April 2017 7:52 AM 12

    A scaled-down, two-man US-Russian crew has arrived at the International Space Station, six hours after blasting off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying Jack Fischer, 43, and Fyodor Yurchikhin, 58, lifted off with a rare empty third seat with Russia scaling back space station staffing until its long-delayed science

  • Photos of close asteroid 2014 JO25

    20 April 2017 6:57 AM 12

    Mark Hunter in the village of Woolpit in the U.K. captured this image with an 8-inch telescope. He wrote: “13 shots at various exposures from 30s – 2mins. Stacked in pixinsight, finished off in lightroom.” Gary Marshall wrote: “Asteroid is the faint black streak moving from near bottom center towards top left.” Steven Bellavia of Mattituck, New York captured

  • Large asteroid passes close to Earth

    19 April 2017 8:27 AM 22

    Stargazers will be looking to the skies on Wednesday as an asteroid up to a mile wide passes by the Earth. The asteroid, known as J025, will be the largest to come this close to our planet for the past 13 years. It will pass within 1.1 million miles - just five times as far away from Earth as the Moon is - a close pass in cosmic terms. But we can all breath

  • Russia shows off robotic gunslinger

    17 April 2017 7:22 AM 24

    Commentary: Russia's deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, proudly tweets video of a Russian Robocop in action. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. As the promise of warfare wafts across the world, it's worth focusing on the future and whether the world has one. Conveniently, one of the countries

  • 'Speedster' pays high price

    15 April 2017 12:24 AM 1

    BAD MOVE: Police nabbed a driver travelling at 158km/h on the Kings Highway on Friday. Photo: NSW Police. An Easter holiday motorist has felt the full force of the law after being detected speeding. Highway patrol officers said they checked the driver travelling at 158km/h on the Kings Highway at Manar near Braidwood at 2pm Friday. After pulling him over the driver

  • Extra-terrestrial life more likely after NASA discovery about Saturn's moon Enceladus

    13 April 2017 7:57 PM 16

    The likelihood of one of Saturn's moons harbouring life has received a huge boost, thanks to a new discovery made by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The probe has detected traces of molecular hydrogen (H2) in icy plumes spewing from fissures on the surface of Enceladus. The discovery, reported today in the journal Science, indicates the Saturnian moon's oceans

  • NASA announces one of Saturn’s moons could support alien life in our solar system

    13 April 2017 6:57 PM 37

    ICE plumes shooting into space from Saturn’s ocean-bearing moon Enceladus contain hydrogen from hydrothermal vents, an environment that some scientists believe led to the rise of life on Earth. The discovery makes Enceladus the only place beyond Earth where scientists have found direct evidence of a possible energy source for life, according to the findings

  • Coral bleaching may cost $1 billion a year

    11 April 2017 8:20 PM 32

    Mass coral bleaching to the Great Barrier Reef could cost the region one million visitors per year, meaning a loss of at least $1 billion and 10,000 jobs, the Climate Council warns. Its latest report, to be released in Brisbane on Wednesday, warns intensifying climate change is pushing up sea surface temperatures and driving extensive and ongoing mass coral

  • US, Russian crew lands after six-month stay on ISS

    10 April 2017 1:57 PM 39

    The three crew members left the International Space Station aboard a Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft early Monday morning and touched down at Kazakhstan Cape Canaveral (Florida): A US astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts made a parachute landing in Kazakhstan on Monday, wrapping up a nearly six-month mission aboard the International Space Station, a NASA TV broadcast

  • 'Zero recovery' for corals in back-to-back Great Barrier Reef bleaching

    10 April 2017 7:02 AM 19

    Researchers said last month they were detecting another round of mass bleaching this year after a severe event in 2016, and their fears were confirmed after aerial surveys of the entire 2,300-kilometre long bio-diverse reef. Last year, the northern areas of the World Heritage-listed area were hardest hit, with the middle-third now experiencing the worst