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Queensland's election phrase: 'Joy buzzer'

2 November 2017 8:13 AM
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Queensland's election phrase: 'Joy buzzer'

Every election campaign throws up its unique words and phrases and Queensland's might be the first to include "Joy buzzer".

A novelty toy that plays inspirational phrases like "I am zen-like and calm" and "I am beautiful" was Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's gift to labor's media bus this morning.

After a couple of bruising headlines including not being able to quote Queensland's state debt and repeated run-ins with Adani protesters, the premier said she was trying to inject a note of positivity which is a bit like feeding crocodiles broccoli in the hope they will turn vegetarian.

The premier also had to suffer the indignity of standing next to labor's candidate, Barry O'Rourke, in Rockhampton when she had publicly endorsed the local mayor, Margaret Strelow.

Of substance there's not much - more money for a jobs skills program so 50,000 rather than 30,000 can benefit. It has a success rate of seven out of 10 in finding long-term jobs.

The real motivation behind it was to highlight something else current LNP leader Tim Nicholls cut when treasurer.

The campaign has now moved to Bundaberg, a seat labor holds by less than half a percent.

On the other side, a new police helicopter for North Queensland is the big ticket item if the Liberal National Party's law and order policy released today.

Mr Nicholls finally managed to leave the south east, flying to Townsville before boarding a helicopter, touring the region, and then landing to make the announcement.

The $10 million commitment will secure a PolAir chopper for four years. Based at Townsville, the third chopper in the police fleet - joining two already in operation in the Brisbane - will also service Cairns on a needs basis.

Mr Nicholls said the additional air asset was needed in a region currently crippled by high crime rates.

"An LNP government that I lead will immediately to secure a new police helicopter for North Queensland ... providing you, the people of Townsville and Cairns, with greater safety and security," he told 9NEWS.

Likely to be the most controversial part of the plan would see youths in Townsville locked-up if found on the street unsupervised after 10pm under a controversial plan by the LNP.

"The Townsville community is crying out for action and leadership on this issue and is sick to death of these young criminals running amok with impunity," Mr Nicholls explained.

Mr Nicholls said young thugs would soon learn that it's not worth the risk of being caught, while their parents would be held accountable for their actions.

His party's "Operation Townsville Safe Street" will implement a six-month trial banning children under 16 from being on the streets after 10pm by themselves or with other minors.

Those children found roaming Townsville streets will be detained by police and held in emergency accomodation shelter until parents or guardians collect them.

"The shelter will be staffed with a counsellor and nurse to ensure the wellbeing of the child, while ensuring the community is protected," Mr Nicholls said.

The LNP will partner with the Federal Government to ensure parents of children caught by the operation would have welfare benefits cut off.

The plan is part of a wider $25.9 million action plan on crime in North Queensland, announced today on day five of the election campaign.

Mr Nicholls flew into Townsville to tour the city and detail the tough policy.

It's his first stop of the 2017 election campaign outside of the south east corner after a lack of cost effective planes kept his team grounded.

It's expected he will spend the next two days in key North Queensland seats outlining his party's policies for the upcoming election.

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