Victoria's crime rate spikes as family violence reporting increases

26 November 2013 11:55 PM

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Victoria's crime rate spikes as family violence reporting increases

Victoria's latest crime statistics show a jump of almost five per cent in offences, led by a climb in family violence incidents.

The figures, for the year to September 2013, show one in three intervention orders were breached, up from one in four last year.

The overall crime rate across the state increased by 2.7 per cent, with the number of offences climbing 4.6 per cent to over 400,000 crimes.

Deputy Chief Commissioner Lucinda Nolan says victims of family violence are reporting more incidents because they believe police will take their complaints seriously.

"I'm not quite sure that the confidence was there that the victims may have put up with some minor breaches without thinking that it was a particular issue or that the police would take it seriously," she said.

"We are now taking all of them very seriously and I think that the aggrieved family members are very confident that we will take strong action."

Drug offences are up almost nine per cent and robberies were down 18.3 per cent.

Despite the drop in thefts Victoria Police has issued a warning to banks and businesses to do more to help to prevent robberies.

Deputy Commissioner Nolan says emerging trends show criminals targeting new technology, such as tap-and-pay credit cards.

The cards can be used multiple times for low value transactions without the victim's knowledge.

Ms Nolan says it is often left to the police and customers left to recover the money and not banks.

"We're not walking away from investigating crimes but our message is don't make it that easy for criminals," she said.

"If we expect people to lock their doors and windows to prevent burglary, then we expect industries to crime-proof their service practices."


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