Toxic chemicals found at Gold Coast beach

11 October 2017 4:35 AM

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Warning signs have been put up at a Gold Coast beach after a nearby waterway was found to be contaminated with toxic chemicals.

The Gold Coast City Council released a statement on Wednesday that said levels of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), used in firefighting foam, had been found in Coolangatta Creek where it ran into Kirra Beach.

The discovery was made during a monitoring program of recreational waterways following a PFAS contamination at Gold Coast airport last year.

Samples of the waterway found the levels of PFAS were at “higher levels but still below guideline levels for recreational use”, the council statement read.

"The potential for human health risks associated with the recreational use of marine waters at Kirra Beach is very low and not of concern."

Kirra Beach remained open and a warning sign was erected recommending swimmers to avoid the water where Coolangatta Creek ran into Kirra Beach.

A council spokeswoman said the area was not considered a “common swimming area”.

The council will review and reassess advice to visitors at Kirra Beach based on future monitoring results or changes, the statement read.


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