Shane Mosley says he is fighting Anthony Mundine to 'keep me in shape'

21 November 2013 12:54 PM

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Shane Mosley says he is fighting Anthony Mundine to 'keep me in shape'

Shane Mosley has laughed off suggestions Anthony Mundine could be in for a big pay day should he win their fight next Wednesday, saying he is only taking on the Australian champ to stay fit.

A loss to Mosley would be another nail in Mundine's career, while the fast-talking 38-year-old hopes a win could elevate his standing on the world stage - and further his chance of landing a dream fight with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

But Mosley, who will bank $1 million for next Wednesday's fight, thinks that is unlikely.

In fact, while he expects to knock Mundine out, he does not think many people will take much notice.

"This fight has just got to keep me in shape, keep me going, keep me fighting," Mosley said.

"They're not going to say 'oh, ok, you beat Anthony Mundine so now you can fight for the world title or you could fight (Manny) Pacquiao'.

"I don't know if it's going to trigger people like that. They don't really see Anthony as a superstar in America.

"It's going to keep me busy, no doubt. And I think it will be a hard fight. But I don't know about making a difference or an impact in America."

When asked if Mundine had already attempted to set up a bout with Mayweather, Mosley confirmed that he had.

The pair had been due to fight last month, before Mosley fled the country when money which he had been promised wasn't delivered on time.

Mundine and manager Khoder Nasser flew to meet with Mosley's representatives in the United States to smooth things over, which is what triggered the veteran's quick change of mind.

But even with the financial side of the fight sorted, Mosley revealed he had still attempted to push it back another month in order to find another fight in the US.

"(Mexico's rising lightweight fighter) Carlos Molina for the world title or some other fights.

"I was (pushing for) December 20th or something. I was trying to wait for some of the other fights to happen.

"But they wanted to do it November, and I was like 'alright, I'm in shape, let's go.'"


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