Researchers Waiting to Catch Coral Spawn off Townsville

21 November 2013 10:52 AM

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Researchers Waiting to Catch Coral Spawn off Townsville

Researchers are waiting to catch spawn of coral from 10 different species off Townsville in north Queensland. Spawning occurs once in a year.

However, scientists are not sure about the night when this is going to take place. Dr. Sylvain Foret from the Australian National University is making efforts to detain some of it for research purpose.

She said, "You know roughly that it's going to be within a week or two weeks interval, but you don't know exactly which night it's going to be, so slowly the stress builds up".

Dr. Foret reveals that researchers have an approximate idea when coral will spawn, however it can keep them waiting for weeks also, does not last for longer time once it has started.

She says that in order to obtain a clean model, scientists moved corals into tanks on Orpheus Island off Townsville. These tanks were checked in every 20 minutes.

This year's spawning of coral is an essential part of a study as for the very first time it is mapping the DNA of 10 types of coral.

Earlier, out of an estimated 1,000 in the world, only two have been mapped.

As per Dr. Foret, coral spawn is the purest sample of the coral animal. The mapping project is the biggest and most important of its type that has ever been carried out in Australia and perhaps in the whole world.


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