Newcastle domestic violence resource centre struggling to cope

24 November 2013 10:23 PM

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Newcastle domestic violence resource centre struggling to cope

The Newcastle Domestic Violence Resource Centre says it is run off its feet but any expansion plans are being hindered by a lack of state government funding.

Today is White Ribbon Day, the world's largest male-led campaign to end men's violence against women.

The resource centre is an initiative of Jenny's Place, a local women's refuge, and is a one-stop-shop offering counselling and crisis accommodation.

Spokeswoman Jill Evans says domestic violence incidents in the Hunter have risen 17 per cent in the two years to the end of June.

"We're already run off our feet and not receiving any money, but we're sort of expected to do more and more with no extra funds," she said.

"(We) support the services that are already out there providing specialised services.

"We'd love to bring other services in so that they can get all their needs met, however we haven't got the dollars to do that."

The support service is urging local men to use today's White Ribbon Day to take a strong stance against the crime, saying it will have a huge impact on the community.

Ms Evans says it is time for Hunter Valley men to tell their mates that domestic violence is not acceptable.

"What we need is for men to take responsibility, in businesses and in their personal lives, to be able to actually say to their friends and co-workers that it's not on - beating your wife, verbally abusing her, is not acceptable.

"That would have a big impact, because for years women's services and women in the community have been speaking up and saying this is unacceptable."


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