Mark Bourne wins final race of Vertical World Circuit in Hong Kong's tallest building

4 December 2017 4:05 AM

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"The time was not as fast as my best but I'll always take a win when I can get it."

Australian Suzy Walshman took out her sixth Vertical World Circuit title, with the top three men and women sharing an $18,000 season-ending purse.

"I'm very happy with my run, it's such a long, tough building," Walsham said.

"You have to stay focussed the whole way up, I went pretty well for 80 floors and was hoping to give my record a good nudge but I really felt it on the last two, so just battled on but super-happy to be sub-14 minutes."

More than 2000 people raced on the VWC circuit this year which kicked off in February and saw races in Dubai, London, Paris, New York, Manila, Beijing, Sydney, Shanghai, Osaka and Hong Kong.


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