Call for Jackie Trad to leave ethics committee

20 November 2013 7:49 AM

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Call for Jackie Trad to leave ethics committee

Continuing his attack on opposition members, the Attorney-General has called for Labor MP Jackie Trad to be removed from the parliamentary ethics committee.

Jarrod Bleijie had earlier called for Ms Trad, along with Labor colleague Jo-Ann Miller and independent MP Peter Wellington to be removed from the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee.

Mr Bleijie followed that call with another one - for South Brisbane MP Jackie Trad to be removed from the parliamentary ethics committee, because she failed to declare her husband's partnership in the legal firm, MVM Legal, which deals with WorkCover cases and issues, during the parliamentary debate over changes to the WorkCover legislation last month.

Mr Bleijie made mention of the issue during Tuesday's parliamentary question time, when he said Ms Trad had "failed on all fronts to declare her beneficial financial interest in this legislation and against her pecuniary interests".

Ms Trad made a personal statement in parliament on Wednesday, apologising for her slip, but "completely" refuting it had been done with improper motives.

Ms Trad said she had met with the parliamentary clerk on May 21 last year to discuss her interests register and believed she had made a full disclosure.

But she said she missed the introductionary session for new members which made it clear that MPs must disclose interests at the time of votes, because the South Brisbane by-election result had not yet been called.

"I do acknowledge that I should have declared during divisions on the bill an interest in the matter and I take full responsibility for the error," she said.

"My omission in this regard was in no way deliberate or intentional and I apologise to the house for any lack of compliance."

But Mr Bleijie said an apology was not enough and called into question Ms Trad's eligibility to stand on the ethics comittee.

"This member, the member for south Brisbane, sits in judgment of other members of parliament to make sure they understand the rules and if they don't understand the rules, then can pass judgment and penalties on to these people," he said, outside parliament.

"There are two options here. The first option is for the member of South Brisbane to immediately resign from the ethics committee. She has shown no integrity. She has shown she lacks ethics and integrity herself."


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