AARNet increases capacity with Juniper

26 November 2013 4:19 AM

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AARNet increases capacity with Juniper

Shareholders are the CSIRO and Australia’s 38 universities, and it has over a million end users at universities, health and other research organisations, schools, vocational training providers and cultural institutions.

“Since AARNet’s third-generation network was launched eight years ago, the traffic it carries has more than doubled every two years,“ says CEO Chris Hancock. “The growth is driven both by an increase in the number of users and an explosion in the size of data sets generated by advanced research applications.

“We currently operate a complex routed IP network, with points-of-presence across the country and multiple high-speed links to the Internet and academic research networks in hundreds of countries around the globe.

“With AARNet4, we are changing the ground rules for network capacity. This is about navigating the future of networking in Australia and globally. It will also allow AARNet to drive more sophisticated value-added services, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Juniper Networks platform.”

To support the data and network complexity challenges posed by large-scale scientific research, remote-education systems, advanced telemedicine and a plethora of national R&D applications, AARNet4 will deliver a thirty-fold increase in network capacity.

“More than one million of Australia’s best and brightest researchers, educators and students will be able to make creative use of greater network access, and a wide range of value-added network and cloud-based services,” says Hancock.

The goals for AARNet4 are not only to accommodate continued exponential traffic growth—provisioning more bandwidth at less cost—but also to deliver new capabilities, such as virtual private networks (VPNs) between customer sites, virtual private clouds including services from public cloud providers and support for AARNet’s own cloud- based file sharing and unified communications products.

Source: itwire.com

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