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04:00 Fatal boob job case: Victim asked for more pain relief before heart attack


02:54 Queensland teenager Maddy Jones dies from the flu just shy of her 19th birthday



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  • Red tape thwarts GPs

    27 November 2013 12:40 PM 72

    General practitioners are facing bureaucratic hurdles in treating patients with obesity problems because it has not been recognised by the government as a disease, advocates say. Head of Obesity Australia John Funder said doctors could treat co-morbidities such as diabetes in very overweight patients, but there was no Medicare item number to process

  • Overweight children more likely to be born to fathers with weight problems

    27 November 2013 12:40 PM 83

    HAVING a fat father or grandfather makes you more likely to be overweight, according to new research. And men planning to start a family need to lose their love handles three months before the conception date if they want to avoid fathering fat children. While it has already been established that a mother's eating habits during pregnancy impact whether

  • Nurses at NSW regional hospital to strike

    26 November 2013 11:05 AM 69

    NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) members voted in a secret ballot on Tuesday to stop work at Bathurst Base Hospital for 24 hours on Friday, November 29. The association claims the protest is in opposition to the Western NSW Local Health District's decision to close five hospital beds from December 9. The strike will take place from 7am (AEDT)

  • Nearly half of the nation's prisoners are mentally ill

    26 November 2013 10:47 AM 71

    PRISONS have become the "dumping ground" for the mentally ill who make up almost half of Australia's inmates, says the government's key adviser on mental health. And the prison management of the nation's mental illness problem is costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year, the National Mental Health Commission chair Professor Allan Fels says. The failure

  • Southern Health District issues measles warning to Eden residents

    25 November 2013 9:18 PM 70

    A far south coast town is being urged to be on the alert for a potential measles outbreak. The Southern New South Wales Local Health District says an Eden woman did not know she had the disease and spent a lot of time in the community over recent weeks. The District's Director of Public Health, Tracey Oakman, says anyone who develops symptoms should

  • Headache for kids as parents, schools flout concussion guidelines

    25 November 2013 12:07 PM 72

    MORE than a quarter of children who suffer a concussion are sent back out to play on the same day. A new Murdoch Children's Research Institute study has found that many sporting clubs, schools and parents are putting their children at risk of further injury by failing to follow international concussion guidelines. The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne

  • Training for home renovators mooted

    25 November 2013 4:51 AM 65

    Former Communications, Electrical, Plumbing Union boss Peter Tighe, now CEO of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, says the trend for do-it-yourself renovations is creating a growing "fourth wave" of asbestos victims. He told the inaugural National Asbestos Forum in Sydney on Monday it was generally predicted that rates of deadly conditions like mesothelioma

  • Gut bacteria spreads to 20 Vic babies

    25 November 2013 2:59 AM 75

    MORE than 20 babies have been found carrying a gut bacteria in two Melbourne hospitals over the past three weeks. The babies were found to have Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), which can live in human intestines without causing disease, in Monash Medical Centre and Casey Hospital. One of the babies caught the bacteria, which developed in its intestines

  • Fist bumping could save lives

    25 November 2013 1:10 AM 70

    Updated: 12:06, Monday November 25, 2013 A recently published study says replacing handshakes with fist-bumps could reduce the spread of infection in hospitals. Published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, a group of doctors and researchers from West Virginia University compared bacteria spread between open hand-shakes and fist bumps. They found exposure

  • VicHealth finds Victorians drink before, during and after night out

    24 November 2013 2:19 PM 83

    Loading up on packaged alcohol before going out to licensed venues is common among Victorian drinkers, who are also drinking between venues and on returning home after a night out. A VicHealth survey of more than 2000 Victorians identified the three types of drinking, dubbed pre-loading (before going to a licensed venue), side-loading (between venues)