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  • Qld medics on alert as bacteria kills boy

    19 December 2013 12:19 AM 69

    A significant jump in the number of deaths caused by a common bacterial infection in Queensland has sparked a state-wide alert to all doctors and hospitals. The alert comes after a child became the seventh person to die from group A streptococcus infection this year. Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young says there have been 265 cases of the infection

  • Peeling back the layers, sexist ads don't work

    18 December 2013 10:46 PM 112

    The research functioned this way: some viewers were shown sexist ads and others were shown non-sexist ads. Those who saw the sexist ads judged their current body size as larger - and, more significantly, had a bigger difference between their actual body size and what they felt to be their ideal body size. They preferred a thinner body to those who were exposed

  • Why DO we follow celebrity health advice? Doctors blame the 'herding effect' and warn against trusting the often dangerous fads

    18 December 2013 11:07 AM 103

    From Beyonce’s vegan ‘cleanse’ to Gwyneth Paltrow’s gluten-free recipes, many of us have followed celebrity-inspired diets. Now scientists have explored why we listen to advice from celebrities instead of medical professionals, especially when much of it can be ill-informed and even be potentially harmful. Canadian researchers investigated how celebrities

  • Hospital to cost $850m a year

    18 December 2013 7:48 AM 90

    Fiona Stanley Hospital will cost $850 million a year to run, according to the health official overseeing the project. Dr David Russell-Weisz, chief executive of the hospital's commissioning phase, has warned that the $2 billion cost of building the Murdoch hospital is only the start of what will be a massive budget demand. Writing in the Australian Medical

  • Laminitic pony mare gets 3D printed titanium shoes

    18 December 2013 6:48 AM 65

    A pony mare in Australia has become one of the first horses to be fitted with new custom designed 3D printed titanium shoes to help with laminitis. A team of 3D printing experts from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) worked with horse podiatrists to scan Holly’s feet and design the ‘horse-thotic’, which aims to support

  • Father dies just hours after holding son

    17 December 2013 3:13 AM 58

    A father slipped into a coma and died just 24 hours after he held his newborn son for the first time. Josh Robison, 24, started to get a headache just a few hours after he met tiny Logan for the first time, the KSL reported. Josh's mum Jodi said that her son had been loving married life and was thrilled about the birth of his son. "When they took him down to the CAT scan, that's

  • IGEA: Money wasted on game classification review

    17 December 2013 12:00 AM 81

    Phew! We can all rest easy in Australia it turns out that game Classification Board is doing its job. In a move that possibly cost the Australian tax payer upwards of $300,000 the Classification Review Board was asked by the South Australian Attorney General and Australian Council on Children and the Media to re-review the classification of twelve reasonably

  • Fatal outcome to lack of beds

    16 December 2013 9:04 PM 49

    Anorexic and bulimic West Australians are dying while waiting for hospital beds and families are travelling interstate and overseas to seek adequate treatment, an internal Health Department report reveals. Despite eating disorders being the 12th leading cause of hospitalisation in Australia and 16-to-24-year-olds accounting for 55 per cent of hospital

  • High sugar diet can damage your brain in a week, University of NSW survey

    16 December 2013 2:15 PM 49

    Why can bears get fat without getting sick? Biotech company Amgen is trying to answer that question, hoping to help humans who suffer from diseases like heart disease and diabetes. WSJ's Jonathan Rockoff reports. JUST a week's bingeing on a high sugar and fat diet could damage your memory - and you may not get it back if you start eating healthy again

  • Queensland to be serviced by Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

    16 December 2013 1:52 PM 44

    Queensland's new joined together kids' healing center has been named in honour of Lady Phyllis Cilento, a precious doctor, journalist - and Sean Connery's previous mother by marriage. Parts of the Cilento family went to people in general revealing of the South Brisbane complex's name, a prior year it is required to start operation. Woman Cilento was prestigious