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  • After #NoMakeupSelfie Trends, Celebs 'Au Naturel'

    24 March 2014 2:40 PM 14

    Last week social media was filled with the hashtag NoMakeupSelfie. The trend is said to have started when author Laura Lippman tweeted a photo of herself without makeup to support Kim Novak, who was criticised for her appearance at the Oscars. Somehow the hashtag got linked to cancer awareness and even though some have criticised the campaign, it has raised

  • How a 'No Makeup Selfie' Trend Suddenly Became a Cancer Awareness Effort Viral posts evolve organically By Roo Ciambriello

    24 March 2014 1:28 PM 24

    In an age when social media has made us even more aware of how we look at any given moment ("A picture? Now? Wait, how's my hair?"), asking women to take photos of themselves without makeup and upload them to social channels seems risky. And yet, thousands are doing it in the U.K. in the name of cancer awareness. A "No makeup selfie" campaign grew organically

  • Botox helping asthmatics to breathe easier in world-first trial

    24 March 2014 6:08 AM 10

    Patients with severe asthma have found it easier to breathe after Melbourne doctors injected botox into their vocal cords as part of a world-first trial. The treatment was tested for patients with severe asthma who experience spasms in their vocal cords as well as their lungs. The condition can cause episodes of severe breathlessness and wheezing, which

  • Helen Minett inquest told Doctor Felicity Wild suspended for careless treatment of patient

    24 March 2014 5:00 AM 25

    A Perth doctor was suspended for seven-and-a-half months after accepting she had acted improperly and carelessly in her treatment of a patient, an inquest has been told. The inquest is examining the death of Helen Minett, 55, who died from an overdose of morphine in September 2009. The Coroner's Court has been told Mrs Minett had significant health problems

  • Anti-immunisation group ordered to change name

    24 March 2014 4:57 AM 34

    As a measles outbreak in Queensland continues, a group encouraging people not to vaccinate their children has been ordered to change its name. A group calling themselves the “Australian Vaccination Network” has been ordered to change its name. NSW’s Administrative Decisions Tribunal found the name to be misleading, and the group – which actively campaigns

  • Phoenix institute makes stride in ovarian cancer research

    23 March 2014 11:32 PM 41

    Translational Genomics Research Institute said it has identified a molecular protein that is often absent in a rare type of ovarian cancer that strikes young women. Phoenix-based TGen said that the protein was missing in 14 of 17 tumor samples with small-cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type. Jeffrey Trent, TGen's president and research director

  • Synthetic LSD-like hallucinogens to be banned by Federal Government

    23 March 2014 9:22 PM 7

    Four synthetic hallucinogens with effects similar to LSD are set to be outlawed by the Federal Government. Justice Minister Michael Keenan says the substances which will soon be banned are commonly advertised as Smiles, N-Bomb or Pandora. "The drugs continually evolve and we will continue to ban them in all their forms," he said. "We're also working

  • Aussies reveal how cancer tricks the body

    23 March 2014 5:35 PM 25

    A TEAM of Australian scientists believe they have discovered how cancer cells hoodwink the body's immune system into thinking they are harmless. This could lead to new treatments for aggressive advanced cancer and other diseases, says lead investigator Professor Mark Smyth. The crux of the discovery is an improved understanding of how protective white

  • Battling the Black Dog

    23 March 2014 5:12 PM 26

    A BLAZE of bike riders streamed through the Hastings to raise awareness of the often hidden and silent grip depression and suicide has on the local community. Some 140 motorbikes and their Black Dog Riders hit the roadways from Port Macquarie's Marina following the ocean road into Kew, past Wauchope, Beachwood and back again. They demanded attention

  • Excessive make-up biggest turn-off for men

    23 March 2014 4:36 AM 35

    Melbourne, March 23 (ANI): A new research has suggested that women should not put on too much makeup because it is a huge turn off for men, who prefer faces with subtle or no make-up. The study, conducted at the Bangor University in Wales, concluded that men prefer women who wear up to 40 percent fewer cosmetics, reported. Psychologist Dr. Alex Jones