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02:54 Queensland teenager Maddy Jones dies from the flu just shy of her 19th birthday


04:00 Fatal boob job case: Victim asked for more pain relief before heart attack


05:42 Mystery illness claims life of 24-year-old Sydney nurse


04:09 Australia takes charge of guiding Cassini to its fiery death in Saturn's skies

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23:56 'The whole world is worried about it': New H7N9 bird flu strain in China has pandemic potential



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  • Australians can map their genomes for $1,000 after institute buys world-first machine

    15 January 2014 12:59 AM 26

    Individual genome sequencing is now accessible on a broad scale in Australia, with the world-first purchase of a high-tech sequencing machine. Sydney's Garvan Institute has become one of the first organisations in the world to purchase a sequencing machine that brings the cost of mapping an individual's genome down to less than $1,000. A decade ago, it cost more than $1 billion

  • Refugees 'fall through health gaps'

    14 January 2014 11:31 PM 18

    Updated: 11:03, Wednesday January 15, 2014 Australian doctors should be mindful about the needs of refugees, many of whom are likely to be confused by an unfamiliar health system, say the authors of a new study. Although people on refugee visas have the same Medicare and social benefits as other permanent residents, many have mental health issues and illnesses

  • Hang-glider pilot suffers leg fractures after crashing into picnic table in Sydney

    14 January 2014 10:35 PM 12

    A woman has been taken to hospital with leg fractures after crashing her hang-glider into a picnic table on Sydney's northern beaches. Medical charity CareFlight says it flew one of its doctors to Collaroy shortly after 6:30pm (AEDT) to support paramedics in treating the women near the Long Reef Golf Club. CareFlight says the woman was flown to Royal

  • PNG leader wants licences to curb alcohol abuse

    14 January 2014 8:52 PM 17

    The Governor of Papua New Guinea's National Capital District wants to amend the Constitution to regulate and control the use of alcohol. Powes Parkop says a change to the Constitution is necessary to allow police to deal with people who disturb the community when they're drunk and disorderly. He also wants people to be issued with licences to control

  • Swedish doctors transplant nine wombs

    14 January 2014 12:23 PM 28

    Updated: 23:49, Tuesday January 14, 2014 Nine women in Sweden have successfully received transplanted wombs donated from relatives and will soon try to become pregnant, the doctor in charge of the pioneering project has revealed. The women were born without a uterus or had it removed because of cervical cancer. Most are in their 30s and are part of the first

  • Robotic devices give hand up to patients in Australian-first unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital

    14 January 2014 11:45 AM 19

    EXPERIMENTAL robotic devices taking advantage of the brain's ability to rewire itself, even years after injury, are set to transform lives of stroke and brain injury patients in an Australian first rehabilitation unit. Patients who train at Royal Melbourne Hospital's ``Hand Hub'' Limb Therapy Unit can half their rehabilitation time and regain use of their

  • Why sex can make you smarter, according to new research

    14 January 2014 10:48 AM 22

    IF YOU'VE ever needed an excuse to spend more time having fun under the covers, we've got you sorted. New research has found that having sex can improve mental performance and increase neurogenesis (the production of new neurons) in the part of the brain where long term memories are formed, the hippocampus. Scientists at the University of Maryland found

  • Fines quadruped for selling illegal tobacco or counterfeit cigarettes

    14 January 2014 8:55 AM 11

    VICTORIA has declared war on illegal cigarettes, with fines quadrupled for any retailers caught selling dodgy smokes. The unprecedented crackdown comes as authorities begin destroying a record haul of 71 tonnes of illegal tobacco and 80 million cigarettes, seized on arrival in Melbourne by ship. Health Minister David Davis will today announce the huge rise in fines

  • Obesity health cost to double

    14 January 2014 5:36 AM 6

    Obesity is costing WA public hospitals more than $240 million a year and the costs are predicted to soar to close to half a billion dollars by 2021, the first report of its kind has warned. A WA Health Department analysis - the first to look at the State cost of acute hospital care for weight-related illness - links high body mass to 18 medical conditions

  • Why do we find muscular women wildly perplexing?

    14 January 2014 3:35 AM 20

    We don’t see many muscular women in popular culture – and the display of much heavier and obviously stronger female bodies can be overwhelming or shocking. Professional tennis playing sisters Serena and Venus Williams, who are currently in Australia for the summer tennis season, are good examples of female athletes who have received a lot of negative