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Brown follows long tradition of sledging with a comical bent

11 April 2018 10:07 AM
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“Then he comes and has a shot at me. I don't think he needs to bait like that.”

“The reality is, when Wayne came to town, if he thought with his big head rather than his little head I wouldn’t have had to rebuild the joint...”

(Memo to kids reading this. Brown was referring to the “big head” you have when you think things through, and the “little head,” you have when you don’t. No, really!)

Watching at home, Phil Gould – he told us on 100% Footy – bursts out laughing, before turning the TV off, and thinking "that's not gonna do anyone any good".

For of course Nathan Brown had to apologise, calling Bennett personally and all the rest. But, really, did he have to?

There was zero malice in it. He said it with a smile on his dial, and with all the panache of one who in the face of a big serve from a champion, manages to hit a cross-court winner, that no-one, least of all the champion, had seen coming. For yes, Your Honour, my client really was returning serve to Bennett who had started the whole thing in the first place!

Look, I get that Brown was in dangerous territory, as the comment fringes on family, and your humble correspondent has long been of the view that when family is insulted, all bets are off and the sledger has what’s coming.

But, perhaps, Your Worship, I should have added a rider to it. For when there is no malice, and the family member concerned is only tangential to the true target of the sledge – the recipient – and it’s funny enough, I maintain it passes muster.

In terms of familial sledges, the best of the lot, I have previously noted, goes back well over a decade, and we have it on the authority of none other than Jason Akermanis that it is dinkum. See, when Brett Voss, playing for St Kilda, was lining up for a critical goal, late in game against Akermanis’s Brisbane Lions, the man in front of Voss trying to put him off was none other than his older brother Michael Voss.

Just as Brett had composed himself and was about to commence his run, the older Voss piped up: "My Dad's slept with your Mum!”


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