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The Bachelor’s Florence explains her awkward mistake after being eliminated by Matty

8 September 2017 2:07 AM
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The Bachelor’s Florence explains her awkward mistake after being eliminated by Matty

MATTY’S send-off was strangely impersonal last night. And Florence made an awkward mistake that led to a very ungraceful exit.

Usually, the girls are escorted down a footpath to a waiting car and sent on their way. But in an awkward final scene, we watched Florence negotiate some rough terrain as she clomped through the grass on the front lawn of the mansion to her car.

“I didn’t know where to go!” she admitted to about her rough exit. “I was a bit lost. (It wasn’t producers) That was me! That was me not knowing where to go — it was dark outside.”

The 27-year-old admitted that, with the cameras on her, she just had to commit to the turf once she started stomping on it.

“(I thought) I’ll just keep going — the show must go on,” she laughed.

Also unusual was Matty J’s strangely impersonal send-off to the Dutch model, who landed in the final four of the competition. In a short and snappy goodbye, Matty simply thanked her for their “good adventures” before promptly sending her out the door.

Florence said she didn’t think it was odd “at the time”, but while watching the series air over recent weeks, she did notice Matty’s more emotional goodbyes that regularly involved walking the girls outside to talk to them privately.

“When I watched the show and saw he was walking the girls out I thought, ‘I was number four! It would have been nice!’ He didn’t walk me out,” she said.

“But I don’t really care. If you didn’t receive a rose you might as well go home.”

On television Matty was stunned by the remark but Florence says there was more to the conversation that we didn’t see.

“I didn’t know she would go as hard as she did ... but what we didn’t see is all the good things she said,” Florence said. “It was all contextual but you can’t see that. I was fine with her being like that. It is what he (Matty) signed up for.”

And while some viewers might think the harsh accusations were enough to make Matty give Florence the flick, she says simply: “It wasn’t there between us”.


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