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  • Canberra start-up to help NASA in secure messaging

    8 October 2012 8:38 PM 54

    The world was transfixed as the Mars Curiosity rover trundled over the red planet's barren surface updating its location on Foursquare, but the day looms when NASA's secret transmissions are shielded from prying eyes by Australian technology. Canberra's QuintessenceLabs is one of a handful of international companies invited to reside at NASA's Ames research

  • Want to earn more in IT? Being a man helps

    8 October 2012 8:38 PM 51

    High-tech women continue to be short-changed in the salary stakes by as much as $13,000 compared with their male counterparts, according to a salary survey released by the Australian Computer Society. When they're starting out, young women command a median salary of $57,500 compared with men's $55,000, but this trend reverses sharply in their first decade

  • Apple's digital wallet opens up retail possibilities

    2 October 2012 12:24 AM 76

    The iOS6 update opens Apple's new e-voucher platform to all, but small businesses might not want to go it alone. While there's disappointment that the iPhone 5 doesn't support Near Field Communications for short-range wireless interactions, the new Passbook features in the iOS6 software update offer new ways for businesses to interact with their customers

  • BlackBerry out to smash Windows

    1 October 2012 1:30 AM 54

    RIM CEO Thorsten Heins says its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system can beat Windows Phone. BlackBerry 10 isn't due to launch until early in the new year, but Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research in Motion, is confident it can be the number three mobile ecosystem in the world, pushing Windows Phone down to fourth place. “I'm not stopping until this company

  • BlackBerry uses Jam to lure app developers

    1 October 2012 1:17 AM 51

    You know a company is truly committed to its developers when it produces a cheesy music video with its top brass declaring its undying love and devotion. The now-famous music video, which parodied the Reo Speedwagon '80s hit "Keep on loving you", was played to a packed room of developers at the BlackBerry Jam developer conference last week in San Jose, California

  • How many stars would you give your job?

    29 September 2012 2:37 AM 53

    You can't know from a job advertisement or even a short meeting, according to the InsideTrak founder and chief executive Mike Larsen, who this week in Perth launches the workplace equivalent of crowd review websites Trip Advisor and Eatability. Like travellers on Trip Advisor can compare and share their experiences of - for example - a Roman bus tour, employees

  • More companies likely to reverse IT outsourcing

    25 September 2012 7:28 AM 42

    GENERAL MOTORS' decision to bring most of its information technology activities back in-house may not be an insourcing trend yet, but it's the beginning of one, say observers. The company piqued market interest with the announcement earlier this month that it would end 90 per cent of its IT outsourcing to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and foster

  • Trolls are bullies, no new laws required

    17 September 2012 2:00 PM 71

    Australia apparently has a troll problem. When footballers call prime ministers, attorneys-general get involved, it seems. Originally internet “trolls” got their kicks from provoking newer members of the online community into a furious defence of some well-worn topic. Delight was taken by the older members in watching the zeal pour out. Traditionally

  • Overhaul clears path through intranet jungle

    4 September 2012 2:01 PM 55

    Suncorp has gone back to basics to overhaul a jungle-like intranet in a bid to convince staff to use the system for daily tasks. Although accessible by 16,000 Suncorp staff, the old intranet received a paltry 200 visits a month, Suncorp's intranet project leader, Teale Shapcott, told delegates at the UX Australia conference in Brisbane last week. UX denotes

  • Dell to bring cloud onshore

    30 August 2012 11:48 PM 59

    Dell has given the strongest hint yet it is planning to open a data centre in Australia to offer cloud services to corporate clients. Speaking at a quarterly business review for the press yesterday, the Dell Asia-Pacific and Japan president, Amit Midha, and the Dell Australia and New Zealand managing director, Joe Kremer, hinted at a data-centre expansion